About Us

Meet the TravelTalk team!

Melissa Mills

Originally from the Pacific Northwest Melissa caught the travel bug after moving to Lagos, Nigeria from 1997 – 1999. From there, she couldn’t wait to explore the rest of the world including moving to Canada for university. Since then, she’s visited over 50 countries and loves to hear stories and feel inspired where to travel next!

Melissa’s favorite places include Norway (she visits twice a year!), Brazil, and Ireland. She’d love to visit as many mountains as she can for her next adventure.

Nebula Halseth

Born in Shanghai, Nebula grew up in Southern California where she was integrated into a diverse, multicultural environment at a young age. Whether it’s through exploring the unique nooks of a city, meeting the locals, and especially through food, Nebula values being immersed in a culture and all the unique experiences each country brings.

Nebula’s favorite travel spots include Japan, Australia, Fiji, and China (having visited over 30 cities there!). You can usually find her eating, or hiking a mountain in the warm California sun.

Jen Liu

Jen’s passion for travel began at an early age, having spent her childhood summers traveling across China to different provinces. Since then she has jumped on any and every opportunity to explore new countries – from studying abroad to traveling across Asia and Europe. The highlight of all her journeys is learning about cultures, languages, traditions and history.

Jen’s favorite travel destinations include China, Germany and Mongolia. And she is excited for her upcoming adventure in Thailand!