Episode 28 – Goodbye Episode

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Hello Everyone,

As you can guess by the title, I will be closing the TravelTalk podcast. This has been an incredible journey, and I appreciate every one of you who has been through this process with me.

Originally, this podcast started out as a passion project –  I have loved listening and recording every one of these stories, and I’m grateful for everyone who has participated in some capacity in this podcast. Your stories, words, and thoughts have brought new perspectives and has taught me to look beyond my figurative surroundings and be open to new ideas. I hope this lesson has extended to our listeners and has encouraged some of you to even branch out and consider new places or locations that you may have otherwise de-prioritized.

Our world is vast and diverse – both figuratively and literally. While primal instinct is to seek the familiar, I hope we are all willing to go beyond our comfort zones and take new risks.

I have been so grateful for this journey and owe many thanks to many people. I’d like to specifically thank Nebula Halseth and Jen Liu – my co-contributors. Without you, this podcast wouldn’t have the legs it has today. I’d also like to thank Evan Kolesar for his tireless work on the sound editing. I’d like to thank my husband, Ole Bjoernstad, who has been patient and supportive as I navigated the next step in my life. And finally, I’d like to thank all of you who tuned in. Seeing all of you across the world tune in and listen to these episodes has been a joy for me to see and I hope you got as much out of these episodes as I did creating them.

Thank you again, and adventure is out there!


Episode 1 – Introduction

Viewing Singapore’s skyline at the Marina Bay Sands

Hello Podcast Listeners,

Have two weeks off this year and thinking of where to go next? Is your favorite part of the day thinking where your next adventure will take you? I’m with you.

When it comes to travel, I’m always thinking of the next place to go and asking friends for recommendations. From my friend from Colombia who gives me recommendations on Cartagena to my sister who lived in Paris. Since I’m having these conversations anyway, why not record them and share them more broadly?

I interview locals or expats from cities and countries around the world. They share their recommendations and what the travel guides sometimes miss for a more local, authentic experience.

We’ll be covering a range of places including Colombia and Paris….and also Japan, Chile, Madrid, Greece, and many, many more.

I hope you enjoy this adventure with me, and please share any comments/feedback.

Adventure is out there!